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Speaking of spiders, they have an unearned bad reputation. Generally, they should be left alone, when possible, because they are an important part of the ecosystem. Most of the common spiders in Australia don’t really count as pests but can be a problem if they become excessive and if they get into your home.


Aren’t a lot of spider bites deadly?

In general, the most common spiders are not even aggressive, much less deadly. Spiders which can be poisonous are the funnel web, red-back and white-tail varieties. Most at risk for problems around the bites of these spiders are children and the elderly.

Most spider bites only cause pain and minor swelling at the bite. However, if you are allergic to the venom, and are bitten, seek treatment immediately. Spiders, in fact, help control other insects that are pests, such as millipedes.


How can spiders be avoided?

Often found in gardens where they like to make webs or burrow to nest, the most common bites are related to gardening. Because spiders are well-spread throughout most of Australia, if you are an avid gardener you will want to take the following precautions:

  • Check for spider webs before you start digging or handling plants
  • Always wear protective gloves and shoes when gardening
  • If you are bitten, use basic first aid unless you have a severe reaction


Since most spiders are beneficial to gardens by helping control other damaging pests, relocating spiders whenever possible is the best option.

In your home, the best protection against spider bites is to prevent them from entering the house. Remember, however, always check shoes and clothing that has been left on the floor before wearing as our eight-legged friends like to hide. Spiders are easy to deter with fly screens on windows and basic draft protection. Spider-specific insecticide should be a last resort only in the case of an infestation.


Spiders are our friends.

In a case of benefit outweighing harm, spiders should be respected rather than feared. Teaching children to identify spiders and how to relocate them safely is beneficial to the entire ecosystem.


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