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Ah, the primitive, pesky cockroach. Australia has its own namesake, the Australian Cockroach which is a common cockroach in many tropical areas. It is an adaptable scavenger and slightly smaller than its American cousin. Most likely from Africa, it is not native to Australia.


How Many Types of Cockroaches Exist?

There are over 450 subspecies in Australia. The world’s biggest and heaviest cockroach is the Giant Burrowing cockroach. The giant burrowing cockroach is found in the tropical areas of Queensland. It grows to about 3 inches in length and can live up to ten years. As the name suggests, they borrow up to three feet where they set up home. Good news, these cockroaches are unable to fly and are not considered a relevant pest.

Cockroaches are considered social and often make community decisions about seeking food sources. Several varieties do make hissing sounds, such as the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, and others make sounds and respond to vibration during mating. A primitive species, cockroaches do not tolerate cold very well. However, some subspecies do produce their own anti-freeze which allows them to live at temperatures up to -122 degrees C.


Are all cockroaches considered to be pest?

Arguably, no, only about four commonly, widespread species are considered pests. However, such a distinction depends on who’s being asked, we suppose.

Cockroaches contribute to the following:

  • Allergies and asthma
  • Disease spread
  • Can burrow into ears causing pain and deafness


How can I best control cockroaches?

Cockroaches become resistant to pesticides. Baits and trapping are effective control methods. Long term pesticide use may become ineffective. This will necessitate the need for biological and sanitary control innovations. Rest assured we use the most effective chemicals to remove cockroaches from your home or workplace.


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