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Are you a Gold Coast homeowner worried about termites? Getting a yearly termite inspection will protect you from an early termite-attack. Pro Pest Control Gold Coast has a great team of experienced timber pest inspectors ready to inspect your property. Your property is your greatest investment. It makes sense to protect it with an annual termite inspection and pest control service.

No matter the type of Gold Coast home you own, it is impossible to overstate the importance of an annual termite inspection. One in four Australian homes will be infested by termites at some point.

Termites are masters at staying hidden. They destroy timber from the inside leaving only a thin outer layer to protect them. Which is why these timber pests can go undetected for so long. By the time a homeowner realises there’s a problem, the pests have already caused a significant amount of damage.

The easiest way to discover the presence of termites is to book an annual termite inspection. At Pro Pest Control Gold Coast termite and pest inspections are in accordance with Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000. This is the national standard code of practice for termite management. If there are termites on your property, we will find them.

Our Gold Coast termite inspection service costs $220. Plus our pest control service is $190.

Termite Inspector Using Moisture Meter

Areas We Inspect

Termite activity is often difficult to detect. Our professional pest controllers cover all internal and external areas of a property subject to reasonable access. The pest control team will look for termites, borers and decay in the following areas.

Internal areas: Ceilings, floors, roof void, interior walls, timber cabinets, any vents and skylights, beams and trusses, ventilation, roofing battens, architraves, basement areas and door jambs.

External areas: Backyard landscaping, gutters and soil areas, flowerbeds, down piping, under the house, tree stumps and dead trees.

Early termite detection is key to preventing expensive damage to your home.

Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras

Tools We Use

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast conducts comprehensive termite inspections with the help of a few essential tools. They include the following:

Moisture Meters

A moisture meter detects the level of moisture in internal walls. Termites require moist, humid conditions for hydration and to digest cellulose, and therefore, a higher moisture level than usual may indicate their presence.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging technology picks up differences in heat energy. If there’s a concentration of termites or other pest in a specific area, this camera will pick up the activity.

Termite Tapper

One of the simplest and most valuable tools of any pest control professional. The pest controller taps wooden structures such as skirting boards, and any change in tone could signal damage by timber pests or termites.


An essential tool in any pest control technicians toolbox. Helps spot termite damage and other signs of pests in dark and difficult-to-reach spaces.


The Termatrac is a small monitoring device. It sends sends microwave signals into walls to detect activity. This handy hi-tech piece of equipment detects termite motion through walls, brickwork and tiles with 100% accuracy.

During our termite inspections, we look for discarded termite wings, termite faeces, mud tubes and hollow sounding timber in walls.

Termite Inspector Checking Internal Walls

 Inspection Reports

You will receive an easy to read report within 2 hours of completing your pest inspection. Your report outlines any previous termite treatment, current timber pest actvity and recommendtions for protecting your property. Your pest inspector will answer any questions you have regarding the reports findings.

What If Termites Are Found?

If we find pests or  active termites we recommned treatment immediately. We will also provide you with a quote for installing chemical termite barrier or termite baits.

If live termites are discovered, we highly recommend you take immediate action to prevent further damage to your property. If there are termites in your building, we can start treating the problem right away.

Termite Control Services

We tailor our Gold Coast termite treatment services to your needs. They are designed to quickly eliminate active termite colonies and protect buildings from future structural damage.

Termite Barriers

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast provides termite barrier installations. Termite barriers are powerful and effective termite treatments to eliminate subterranean termites. We highly recommend Termidor termiticide. Known as Australia´s leading termite control product for pest control companies.

We’ll install a chemical barrier around your home’s perimeter for protection from termite infestation. This involves digging a trench down to the building’s footings and filling it with Termidor. This is known to create a continuous protective barrier around your home.

If there are tiles or concrete pavers around your house, our pest technicians will drill small holes to insert the termiticide. Afterwards, they’re capped in matching colours to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Termidor is known as a nonrepellent so termites cannot detect the slow-acting poison. Upon coming into contact with Termidor they spread to their nest mates. In this way, Termidor can quickly spread and eliminate the entire colony.

Termidor stays in the soil so your home is protected if there are any new pests. They, too, will become infected, and so the process starts again.

As effective as termite barriers are, there is a slight chance that termites might return. Therefore, to stay on top of the situation, we recommend a professional termite pest inspection every 12 months.

Timber Pest Inspector Checking Moisture Levels

Termite Reticulation Systems

A termite reticulation system is a series of perforated underground pipes installed in the trench created for a termite barrier. If the property is a new construction, the pipes are installed before pouring the foundation slabs. At a later date, the termiticide is pumped through the pipe network, leaching through the perforations to create a chemical barrier.

A pest control technician will inject the insecticide into refilling stations located in unobtrusive positions above ground when the system needs to be topped up a few years later. This means there is no need to drill or dig anything up to replenish the chemical barrier.

Termite Baiting Systems

Another popular type of termite control system is termite baiting systems. They can be used on their own as a property´s sole method of termite prevention and control, or they can be deployed in conjunction with liquid chemical barriers.

Termite stations are plastic cylindrical traps that are approximately 30 centimetres long. Inside are strips of wood that attract nearby termites. We´ll position a series of bait stations all around your home, leaving a three-metre distance between each one. The idea is that termites will detect the traps and feed on the wood rather than head toward your home. The bait is highly attractive to them, so they will be unable to ignore it.

Our termite control technician will monitor the bait stations every 4-6 weeks. Once termite activity has been discovered, we will add a termiticide called Hexaflumuron. Because it is slow-acting, the tiny insect invaders don’t die straight away. Instead, they carry it back to their nests. It then spreads to their nest mates.

Hexaflumuron works by stopping a termite’s growth. It interferes with chitin synthesis, which the insects need to form new exoskeletons. Without chitin, they cannot moult and so die. Before long, an entire colony is wiped out.

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast also use Sentricon AlwaysActive termite baits. As the name suggest these baits are always active and do not require as frequent monitoring. The slow-acting insecticide is present from the start, and so it goes to work from day one. It resides within high-density rods inside the stations.

How Long Does A Termite Inspection Take?

Inspections usually take between 1 and 2 hours. This is dependant on the condition and size of the property.

How Much Does A Termite Inspection Cost?

Our professional termite inspections start from $220. We can also provide pest control for any size house for $190.

Five Facts About Termites

Here are some key facts about termites we feel Gold Coast homeowners should know.

  • One of the most common ways termites get into buildings is through wood-to-ground contact. These include porch steps, door frames and deck posts. They can also enter through tiny cracks in flooring, concrete and paving.
  • Termites feed from cellulose which is found in wood. They also feed from cellulose in wallpaper and furniture. They have also been known to chew through softer materials such as plastics to get at cellulose-containing fibres.
  • The destructive insects cause approximately $4 billion worth of property damage in Australia each year. This is more than fire, floods and storms combined.
  • Termites work around the clock to forage for food. Your home or business premises is always at risk unless you have adequate termite protection.
  • Home insurance policies don’t cover termite damage because insurance providers consider termite damage to be preventable. Having a termite inspection every year can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Pest Management Services

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Thermal Cameras used in All Inspections

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