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Do you have a flea infestation in your home? At Pro Pest Control Gold Coast we can eliminate all flea problems. Our trained flea control professionals have a range of affordable treatment options. If you have pets one of the first things to do it treat them. Then you need to clean your house and wash your bedding. But we can help you with a successful flea control program for you and your pets.

Fleas are the common name for small, insects without wings. There are over 2,500 species of fleas. They are extraordinary jumpers, leaping up to 50 times their body length. They are annoying pests, especially to pets, because their bite can produce allergic reactions that can last up to two weeks.

Fleas might be a pest for your pets, but they can also mess with you if you are not careful when it comes to keeping them away. Fleas are very small pests, but thankfully there are some ways to keep them off your pets. Contact us for an effective flea control treatment today.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are very well designed and equipped to survive as long as possible when it comes to being on your pet. They have large heads with sharp spikes that can pierce the skin of their prey and start sucking out blood. Despite most fleas being extremely small, they can make life itchy and miserable for your pets.

Fleas are parasites that live off sucking the blood of a host mammal. Cats, dogs, birds and humans can suffer mild to severe reactions to these bites. These reactions can last two weeks and can cause hair and feather loss in host animals due to excessive biting and scratching. As adults, their primary activities are feeding on blood and procreating. Depending on conditions, fleas can live up to one year, but generally live only two to three months.

Fleas have been memorialized in poems by John Donne and even starred in flea circuses in 19th century Europe. Dressed by watchmakers to advertise their miniaturizing skills, circus fleas wore human costumes and pulled mini-wagons.

The performances often included play-by-play commentary by a ringmaster. Banker Charles Rothschild, who had a large and famous entomology collection, has the world’s largest preserved flea collection (approximately 260,000 specimens) at the National History Museum in London.

Common Species

Cat Fleas (Ctenocephalides Felis)

The Cat fleas are 3mm long wingless ticks that get around mainly by jumping, and they are unable to know if a host is suitable for their blood until they bite the host. If it is not, then they will leap off the host. Otherwise, they will nest where their host nests.

Dog Fleas (Ctenocephalides Canis)

Dog fleas actually feed on cats and dogs, while only occasionally biting humans. They can also cause dog tapeworms that can also affect humans.The dog fleas are able to move easily through the fur of an animal, and hang onto the animal even during grooming. They can also jump six inches as well.

Bird Flea (Ceratophyllus Gallinae)

The fleas can breed a lot in hen houses, which is where they get their name. They live in and feed off of bird nests, and can only live for a short time indoors. They can breed during the nesting period whenever the birds and their hatching babies are available for blood meals. If the birds ever move from the nest, then the fleas will need to find a new host.

Are fleas dangerous to humans?

In a word, yes. While flea bites usually just cause irritating itching at the bite site, fleas can host many viruses, bacteria and rickets-producing organisms. Fleas on Oriental rats can transmit bubonic plague from rats to humans through bites. Most flea bites in humans are caused by fleas from household pets, however, in areas with poor sanitation, fleas can seek humans as primary hosts.

How To Control Fleas

Flea control is important because of the possibility that they can spread disease. In Australia alone, millions of dollars is spent on flea-related veterinary treatment. Plus over 100 Million on is spent on flea prevention products like Nexgard and Simparica.

Oral flea prevention medications containing fluralaner are available for dogs. Bathing pets and checking for fleas regularly, along with routine sanitary practices, such as washing pet bedding and cages regularly, helps reduce the infestation by preventing the laying of eggs.

  • Cleaning is one of the best ways to make sure that a flea infestation of your home is nipped in the bud. You should bathe pets thoroughly with soap and water, and ideally use soap that is used to deal with fleas.
  • Continue to clean and treat your home as well, cleaning all cloth areas and places where your pets spend the most amount of time. These include beds, cloth toys, and other items that your pets use.
  • Follow up treatments to kill fleas at the different stages of their life cycles, because what works on adult fleas might not harm eggs and pupae.

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