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Does your pet have a tick problem? Ticks can be treated with various methods. We have a range of tick control treatments for situations. Pro Pest Control Gold Coast provides you with affordable and effective tick removal. Talk to your trained and experienced pest technicians today.

Parasite insects that consume human and animal blood, tick species number around 800 worldwide. Australia is home to about 70 species with 16 of those thought to feed on humans.

Why are ticks considered a pest?

Ticks are considered a pest because they can spread serious disease. Most common to Eastern Australia, the Paralysis tick can infect humans with severe illness such as fever, rashes, flu-like symptoms and, in rare cases, shock and facial paralysis. Tick paralysis is most common in children bitten by ticks but can occur in adults. Other tick-borne illnesses include Queensland tick typhus and Flinders Island spotted fever.

Preventing tick bites is key to staying healthy

Prevention of tick bites is the best protection against tick-borne illness. Ticks are most active during humid weather and rainy seasons in the spring. If you are regularly outside when and where ticks are active, it would be best to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid places where ticks thrive
  • Wear long pants and tuck pant cuffs into socks
  • Wear long sleeves that are secure to the wrists
  • Wear light-colored clothing as this makes ticks more visible
  • Remove any visual ticks from clothing and skin right away
  • Apply topical sprays containing DEET to repel ticks


What are some of the best ways to control ticks at my home?

As with most pest control, sanitation is king. Also, preventing ticks from entering the living area is a great proactive measure, so check for the presence of ticks whenever a child, adult or pet comes in from outside. Clean, use insecticide and visually inspect pet areas.

Removing ticks before they bite is much easier than trying to remove an engorged tick, however, a word of caution: do not use hot pins, matches or any kerosene product to remove ticks that have embedded. Always use fine-tipped forceps in order to ensure full removal.

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It is hard to provide a warranty on ticks as many external factors determine the success of complete removal.

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