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Licensed Commercial and Industrial Pest Control

Pests in the workplace pose serious risks. Not only can unchecked pests result in loss of productivity and disruption to your daily functions, but your business can also face serious regulatory fines and damage to your company image.

The irony of pest control in commercial spaces creates a feedback loop, the areas that are most likely to attract infestations and support colonies of pests, are the ones which have a zero-tolerance policy for these problems.

Fortunately, companies that require superb cleanliness can now achieve that without trouble. Pro Pest Control Gold Coast brings the latest innovations that are designed to eradicate pests and prevent future infestations. Our commercial services are designed to facilitate a business’s needs for subtlety and efficacy.

We do our best to perform our duties with minimal disruption to your daily functions. Plus, we understand the value of dealing with friendly technicians who know how to get the job done with a smile on their face. Ready for us to put a smile on your face?

Let us handle your restaurants, markets, warehouses, property management, office, hotels, and more.

Speak to our Commercial Pest Control department and let us protect your business now.

Offices and Retail

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Hospitals and healing centres often see the members of society who are most fragile and most likely to contract a disease.

Many patients spend the long term in the care of such places.

As a pest control professional, we focus on controlling pest which can contaminate surfaces, medical equipment, medical supplies, and spread disease via the air.


Dreading that visit from the health inspector?

Rodents, roaches, flies, and pests like weavels that arrive in packaged food are the main culprits in this industry. They may be small, but they can be disastrous in the setting of a 5-star restaurant.

Alongside this, as a professional in this industry, you may find it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing regulations.

Pro Pest Control are able to work with you and ensure you are compliant at any given time.

Food Processing Plants

Food is a very unstable compound to work. Even with stringent sanitation, it can be affected by bacteria at any time during the processing cycle.

As a professional in this industry, the last thing you need is a widespread outbreak that leads back to your processing plant.

At Pro Pest Control Gold Coast, we understand the risks you face and we are able to bring preventative safety measures while we ensure any existing pests (like beetles and Indian meal moths to name but two) are eradicated.


We manage large and small contracts for the local Government in South East Queensland. From council properties to large construction sites. We can service all kinds of events and facility management services.

Get in touch with our comercial manager to arange a free consultation to see how we can help a offer a pest management solution.


Schools and retail environments operate similarly in that the points of authority have to consider the public liability as a risk.

Part of that is exposure to harmful bacteria and diseases which are spread by pests.

We evaluate your needs and ensure we protect entryways which are typically used by pests to enter.

We also address any harborage areas and exterminate existing pests – leaving you 100% compliant with current regulations.

How are we Different

  • Pest Protection When and Where You Want It
  • Visible Results For Your Home Or Business
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Tailored Solutions for Your Business and Industry
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service
  • Effective Treatments for Food and Non-Food Settings

Our Commercial Services

  • Commercial Pest Inspection and Treatment
  • Industrial Pest Inspection and Treatment
  • Spot/Full Inspections
  • One Time Treatments
  • Regular and Maintenance Treatments

Our Service Areas are

  • Tweed Heads
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Logan City
  • Gold Coast

Happy Customer Reviews

Hear what our amazing clients have to say

Very reliable, friendly and always get the job done. We’ve had no issues with pests since you guys took over. Very thorough and detailed with excellent reporting. Awesome service from all the team. Recommended. Thank you.

— Yannick, Roses Only


Great pest management team who know what they are doing. From monthly reporting to regular chek up calls, we are very impressed. Happy to support a fellow local business.

— Kavita, Miss India


I’m very impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of your company. We can’t afford to have any pest activity on our premises and feel we can count on you. I’m very thankul to the entire team, techs and staff. See you soon guys.

— Rick Lay, Legends Restaurant


We run a busy seafood restaurant by the Broadwater and often have issues with cockroaches. Since using Pro Pest Control we’ve had no infestation and can rely on their regualr visits to keep everything under control. We’ve been very satisfied and happy to refer any business owner need a reliable company.

— Des Lyons, Lazy Lobster


Being a franchise owner we are expected to keep the restaurant to a high standard, this includes controlling pests. We have been thrilled with the level of service and professional treatment we receive. Great local pest control company.

— Mark Simmons, Subway


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