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Looking for residential pest control to protect your home? You’ve come to the right place.

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast offers affordable and effective treatment for houses across South East Queensland.

We are fully licensed by the Queensland Health Government. The idea of creepies crawlies may send shivers down your spine – and it should. Flea bites can spread a number of dangerous illnesses, like typhoid and even tapeworm infections. Understanding the risks emphasizes the need to address the problem. There are a number of common household pests all of which we can control and exterminate.

The residential pest control service we provide uses the latest insecticides and equipment. We can also provide environmentally friendly options for pregnant mothers and small children.

We can remove german cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats, ants, termites and bed bugs. Whether you own your own home or rent from a real estate agent or property manager, we can tailor a custom solution to fit your needs and budget.

Around The House

Did you know that in their 100 day lifespan, females fleas can reproduce more than 500 more fleas? That’s why infestations can happen so fast. Fleas are not the only pest that plague homes from the backyard.

Mosquitoes, ants (termites), ticks (which can spread lyme disease)and other insects like scorpions, bees, wasps and even spiders can be eradicated and prevented from resurfacing on the property.

We address these pests with the latest innovations. We have different procedures and products we recommend for different pests. We suggest a comprehensive analysis as a starting point.


Moisture attracts a number of creatures – and many of them are unwanted and unwelcome visitors. The types of pests you can typically find in a bathroom include spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and ants (termites). SIlverfish love a little build up of mould, which attracts them to the bathroom.

Cockroaches are known for their love of warm and moist areas, and while you’re getting clean, the cockroaches are undermining your hygiene. Spiders, while fairly harmless if they’re not venomous, can leave many a bather shrieking in terror.

Ants love to nest near warmth and are often found within the walls.


Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, flies, and beetles love the kitchen.

These pests can spread serious illnesses – the cockroach carries over 33 different types of bacteria while rats are known for dwelling in sewers.

The kitchen provides warmth, moisture, and an abundance of food which attract the pests. Keep the kitchen clean and dry to minimise pest infestations.

However, if you see a pest, it is best to have an evaluation as soon as possible to prevent possible illnesses.

Other Household Areas

The garage may attract silverfish, crickets, mice, spiders, beetles and rats for its warmth and easy accessibility to the house.

Living areas in the home often attract carpet bugs and termites – termites love to eat wood and sadly, they can cause major havoc when they get into your home.

Attics and ceilings also provide the ideal shelter for rats, bats and mice.

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Happy Customer Reviews

Hear what our amazing clients have to say

My mom and dad are very impressed with the top-notch pest control service we got from them. All the pests and other insects have become vanished now. Very happy with our treatment from the technician and office staff.

— Brian LeBlanc, Southport


This is the second time we have used Pro Pest Control. Excellent, reliable, punctual, efficient and responsive. Their technicians are knowledgeable and professional and most importantly reliable, they turn up when they say they will.

— Tanya Hodges, Helensvale


Very satisfied with their service and arrangement of treatment. Thanks, team. Keep up the good work.

— Milan Kent, Burleigh Heads


Pro Pest Control was recommended to me by a friend. I’m very happy with the service they did at my house. They were at my house on time and very professional. Best of all, pesky cockroaches and ants have disappeared from my home. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!

— Katie Maxwell, Surfers Paradise


Pro Pest Control Gold Coast was awesome! They responded to our call quickly and was able to quickly diagnose the issue and give us a solution. Thank you! It’s nice to finally have some answers to ongoing, annoying issue. I recommend this service to everyone with a pest problem.

— Kelly Holloman, Bundall


They did a great job removing rats from my home. They were very professional and got rid of the critters in a day. The price I paid was the exact amount on the quote and it was reasonable for the amount of work done to my home. Thumbs up guys, you did a remarkable job.

— Karla Terry, Upper Coomera


Amazing service and highly recommended! Happy office staff, easy to book and friendly technician, thank you for a great pest treatment from start to finish.

— Russell Barker, Burleigh Heads


Amazing pest control service. Took care of two pests (cockroaches and ants) within one visit. 5 of 5 stars! Highly Recommend!

— Nicole Matheson, Bundall


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