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Whether you are building, renovating or extending a home, you must protect it from termite attacks. Installing a termite reticulation system is one of the best ways to protect your property from termites. Pro Pest Control Gold Coast are trained and experienced experts at installing reticulation systems.

What is a termite reticulation system?

It is a hose or pipe buried under the property perimetre. The pipe has holes in it about 200 millimetres apart. Then a insecticide is injected into the pipes under pressure to saturate the soil via the holes. This is called a chemically treated zone against termite attack . It has many benefits including reduced ongoing costs, less disruptive and easy to refill with chemicals.

This creates a chemically treated zone to prevent termites from getting into the property. The insecticide is insoluble in the ground so the barrier will stay in place long term.

The main advantages of termite reticulation systems are they’re suitable for pre and post-construction. They also long-lasting protection for the whole of a building and are easily replenishable with termiticide when required. Also, there’s no risk of exposure to the homeowners during the application procedure.

Termite Reticulation Hoses

Installing Termite Reticulation

Reticulation for Pre-construction on New Buildings

During the construction phase of a home it’s important to install the reticulation line prior to concrete pour. This avoids drill holes in pavers or tiles. Once the reticulation line installed the concrete can be poured into the foundation slabs.

If you’re adding an extension (such as another room or granny flat), a refillable termite barrier must be installed between the old foundation and the new one.

Reticulation for Post-construction For existing buildings

The process starts by digging a trench just below the concrete footings all around the perimeter of the home. We then chemically treat the soil and back fill to a point where we we will install the pipe. We then fill in the remaining soil over the pipe. The pipe has holes at approximately 200 mm intervals. This allows for even disbursment into the soil via these holes.

Connected to our vehicles is a high pressure hose. We use this to inject termiticide chemical into the pipe’s filling stations. This creates an impenetrable barrier that termites cannot cross.

Termite Reticulation High Pressure Guage

Refilling The System

One of the benefits of reticulation is that it’s easy to maintain. There’s no need to drill holes in tiles, concrete paths or concrete pavers to inject the chemical. This means it’s less labour intensive, so can save you some money. We use both fipronil and Bifenthrin to refill reticlation systems. We highly recommed Termidor,  Australian pest control companies most trusted brand.

The recommended timeframe for refilling Termite reticulation systems is three to eight years. This timeframe depends on the product label and the environment around the building.

Refilling a chemically treated zone is straightforward and hassle-free. Your pest control company will use a high-powered pump to inject the insecticide into junction boxes (refilling stations) that are usually located on outer walls in a concealed manner. Doing so will give you ongoing protection against termite entry to your home.

Termite Reticulation Refilling High Pressure Pump


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