The Best Pest Control Remedies You Can make At Home

Top 30 Home Made Pest Control Products

Pest infestations can be very frustrating. So, you need to control them. You can use homemade products or artificial pesticides to accomplish this. Homemade pest control products are cheap and readily available. If you are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to treat your home try using a eco conscious pest control company.  The team at Eco Pest Control Brisbane provide a range of treatments that are safe for children and pets. Below is a list of the top 30 homemade pest control products you can use yourself with save some money.

1. Natural Insecticidal Soap Spray

You can use this product to keep off those annoying pests like aphids, mites, and whiteflies. When the pest comes into contact with it, it kills them all. It does so by attacking their skin and suffocates them. You can use natural oil soap to prepare the product. 

2. Rhubarb solution

It is a mixture of rhubarb leaves and dish detergent. You should boil the mixture before applying it to the pest-infested area.

3. All-Purpose Garlic Chili Spray

You can prepare chilly spray using Garlic and pepper mixture. Naturally, garlic repels Japanese beetles, borers, leafhoppers, and slugs. The presence of garlic can deter deer and rabbits from accessing your vegetables.

4. Onion Insect Repellant

Onion insect repellant controls pests like aphids and spiders. You can prepare the solution using dried onion peels and warm water soaked for some days. After sieving, bury the onion bits where there are aphids. 

5. Antifungal Spray

You can use this product to treat plants with fungal infections. To prepare, use oil, water, and baking soda. Spray to the plants until it disappears. 

Mandarin Orange Essential Oil Pest Control

6. Horticultural Oil mix

You can prepare this by preparing vegetable oil, dish detergent, and water. Shake the mixture before you apply where there are pests.

7. Snail slug bath

You normally prepare the bath either using a dish or a cup of beer. Place the cup near the snails or plants that attract snails. Snails get attracted to the yeast in beer. They will definitely drown and die when the beer evaporates. 

8. Japanese Beetle Bait trap

You prepare this trap using water, banana, wine, and yeast. Put the ingredients in one bowl and cover with a lid for a day. After that open the lid and place it in the area infested with beetles. 

9. Pest Prevention Concentrate

You can prepare it by mixing soap dishes and oil. Put it in a tight container. Use the solution to control pests in your garden or home. 

Garlic Oil

10. Garlic Tea

To prepare garlic tea, use chopped garlic, cloves, and water. Use the solution on the pest. 

11. Salt Spritz

You can prepare this solution using water and table salt. It is effective on vegetable pests. Such include mites, caterpillars, cabbage worms, and critters. 

12. Pepper

Pepper scares pests away because of its smell. A mixture of pepper and detergent is effective on a lot of pests. Mix and boil the mixture before you apply. 

13. Potato tea

You can prepare the solution by chopping potato leaves and hot water. Cover them in a sunny window. Use the solution to spray on insects. 

14. Eggshells

Crushed eggshells give pests discomfort when they are moving towards your home. So, sprinkle them around the place that you do not want pests to access. 

15. Garlic, Peppers, and Onion insecticide

To prepare this homemade pesticide, use pepper, garlic, and onion. Put them in a food processor and mix with water. Allow it to settle for 24 hours before you use it to sprinkle on roses and vegetables. 

16. Epsom Salt Formula

This is simply a mixture of salt and water. It is good for deterring Black Spot, Mildew, Wilt, and rust.

17. Peppermint Tea

You can prepare this using peppermint essential oil and water. All you need to do is to mix the two and spray the mixture to the pests. 

18. Neem Solution

Neem tree has been in use since immemorial for treatment and other purposes. Its solution is a great pest control product. To prepare the solution, mix water with Neep soap. Then allow it to settle for an hour. After that, it is ready to use. 

19. Copper rings

Using copper rings around the plants that attract pests. This gives the pests shock approaching the trees. 

20. Diatomaceous Earth

You can use this solution for almost all insects. If you have pests like ants, slugs, and snake, this can be the best solution for you. You need to sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on top of the soil where the pests are. And you won’t see them again. 

Citronella Plant Mosquito Repellant

21. Mineral Oil Spritz

Prepare the spritz using 3 parts of oil and 100 part of water. This solution is good for Aphids, Coding Moth, Leaf Roller, etc.

22. Coffee Repellent

If you have pest infestation on plans, then coffee leftover can be good for you. You can spray it on the plants where they are. Also, you can sprinkle it around vegetation to ward off the pests. 

23. Vinegar

You prepare the solution of vinegar by adding water to it. Spray the pest once you spot it.  Be careful though because it can cause scorching on plants.

24. Easy solution

The easy solution is normally prepared using soap flakes and quart water. After the solution is ready, use it to spray on the pest. Note you should not use detergents and after mixing allow it to settle before using it. 

25. Use of citrus food

You can use some citric foods like grapefruit, melons or bananas to attract flies and slugs. Once they gather, you can it will be easy for you to kill them. 

26. Wet Newspaper Stacks

This attracts insects like slugs for shelter. This is because of the dampness provided by the wet newspaper. You only need to lay the papers and wake up in the morning to check underneath the papers. You will definitely find them and kill them

27. Basil tea

Basil tea is a good remedy for aphids in your environment. You prepare it by boiling water with basil. After boiling, wait for it to cool then use it to treat pests.

28. Pepper recipe

Prepare a mixture of pepper and liquid soap detergent. Boil the mixture, allow it to cool and spray it to the pests

29. Citrus Spritz

You will use orange peels and boil them with water. Allow the solution to cool and spray it on the vegetables infested by the pests.

30. Pest prevention concentrate

This concentrate is normally made with Sunlight dish oil and vegetable oil. Mix the ingredients well and boil the.  After that, apply them to the pest infested areas.



These top 30 homemade pest control products can work magic in your home.  If main things yourself isn’t your cup of tea consider getting our experts i to do the job or call us direct, we’d be happy to help. Most of the remedies above are biodegradable and eco friendly which is good for the environment. You can choose any of them and you will definitely like the results. If you have any other recipes please share and comment below.