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Termite Baits By Sentricon, Exterra and Trelona

Termite Baiting Systems Gold Coast

Are you a Gold Coast homeowner considering a termite management system? If so then your Gold Coast property might be suitable for termite baits.

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast are full trained, licensed and accredited to provide you with a monitored termite bait system.

Termite bait systems are one of the most effective ways of detecting and removing termites from properties before they cause costly damage. Their job is to attract and kill termites, ultimately wiping out termite colonies. Also. termite baits are 100% safe for the environment and suitable for Gold Coast homes.

Baiting stations are plastic cylindrical traps that contain a bait. Termite baits consist of a timber strip with cellulose which is a structural component of wood. Combined with a slow-acting insecticide the termites ingest. This disrupts the normal growth process in termites and kills the colony.

Termite baits are not only used to prevent termites from entering a property; they can also be deployed to eliminate termites from buildings already under attack. The bait is added to bait stations which are placed in areas where termites are already feeding. Termites then feed on the bait and take it back to the nest, eliminating the termite colony.

We service all of Gold Coast property owners. We protect all Gold Coast properties from termites.

Treating Live Termites

The first part of successful termite management system is to treat active termites and eliminate the colony.

  • Termite Baits – Installed where termites are currently feeding.  They feed on the bait and take it back to the nest. It is then fed to other colony members and kills the colony.
  • Termite Dust – Gently blown through infested termite workings. The dust does not kill termites immediately. It sticks to their bodies and carried to the nest via the workings (trophallaxis). It then kills colony members within the nest.
  • Termite Foam – We use and recommend Termidor Foam. A very affective product for kill termites in large areas such as trees, stumps, workings in timber and wall cavities.

Once the live termites have been eliminated a termite management system can be installed. This will provide long-term protection from future termite infestations and reduce termite pressure on the property.

Recommended Brands

While there is more than one termite baiting system on the market, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast use and recommend:

Sentricon AlwaysActive

Sentricon contains a powerful termiticide within a high-density rod. The system is active from installation, providing continuous protection from day one. The rods are effective for up to five years.

Sentricon® | The No. 1 Bait System for Termite Control

Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System

Easy to install, check and refill in concrete and in-ground stations. They contain a highly potent active ingredient.

Trelona® Termite Bait System (ATBS)

Exterra Interception and Baiting System

The Exterra ssystem consists of a bait station called Quarterra , wooden interceptors and the Labyrinth termite baits. They are installed and monitored at regualr intervals.

All three baiting systems offer long-term termite protection against pests.

EXTERRA Termite Bait Stations

What To Expect

Termite bait systems act as a long term protection alarm for termites.

  1. Installation – External: Dig Holes using an auger about 3 metres apart depending on label instructions. Also dig deep enough so the housing is flush with the soil. Internal: Sentricon can be affixed indoors around active termite tunnels.
  2. Inspections – Pest controllers will inspect and monitor the stations either monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually. The frequency depends the the level of termite activity.
  3. Ongoing Service and Maintenance – All bait stations require ongoing maintenance. If termites are found actively feeding in the traps, it allows us to take immediate action.

Some termite stations such as Sentricon AlwaysActive don´t need to be monitored so frequently. The slow-acting poison is there from the start. If the termites attack the station, the bait gets to work immediately. There’s no need to wait for a pest controller to add bait after detecting termite activity.

Termite baits or chemical soil treatments?

  • Eco Friendly – Is being environmentally friendly important to you? Termite Baits use non toxic chemicals which are safer for the environment
  • Less Intrusive – Some customer prefer not to have lots of holes in pavers and tiles drilled or furnishings removed.
  • Type of Construction – As they aren’t connected to a bulding baits are commonly used on split level or pole built homes. Also some buildings have nearby ponds or streams, drainage systems or other features. This can complicate liquid soil treatments.
  • Hidden Areas – Some construction types are harder to access due to hidden or hard to reach areas. These might be better suited to bait stations.
  • Cost – What are you willing to spend? The long term cost of services and maintenance can be more expensive than the alternative. Consider the ongoing costs to inspect and and add or replenish baits when considering your purchase.
  • Severity of Infestation – A limitation of termite baits is they are slower acting compared to chemicals. It can take several months for termites to find the bait and pass it onto the colony. Homeowers with a sever infestation may prefer to use liquid chemicals as they are faster acting.
  • Time & Maintenance – Some customer prefer a one off installation and only a single inspection every year.

Other factors that effect whether to use a termite baiting or chemical barrier include:

  • Termite Species
  • Soil Type
  • Property Structure Type
  • Type of Construction
  • Slope of Block
  • Climate conditions


Installation of a termite baiting system typically costs between $2000-$3000 for an average lowset 3-4 bedroom home. Annual maintenance costs anywhere from $300 to $1000.

Termites Nest Gold Coast

Can You Refill Termite Bait Stations Yourself?

As there is little to no training required monitoring bait staions it’s something a homeowner can do themselves. However treating live termite activity does require skill and training.

To ensure termite baiting systems are operating at peak performance at all times, we recommed you have atrained and licensed pest professional take care of it for you. If you have a warranty you will need an accredited pest control technician to manage the system for you.

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