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Does your home need a termite barrier? We can install a quality termite protection system for you.

Are you worried that termites attacking your Gold Coast home? If your property is unprotected, nothing will stop a termite infestation. As your local termite specialists, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast will leverage our industry-leading expertise and experience to protect your most important asset – your home.

Without a termite protection system such as a barrier, your home is defenceless these pests. Termite treatment is the answer for complete termite protection.

Important Facts

  1. Homeowners insurance does not cover for termite damage.
  2. Approximtaely 80% of backyards in South East Queensland contain active termites.
  3. 1 in 4 Australian homes will be attacked by termites.

Termidor Accredited Applicators

Keeping the Termites Out with Termite Protection

There are three principal ways of keeping the termites at bay and preventing costly damage.

  • Physical termite barriers during pre construction. New homes and renovations.
  • Chemical termite barriers for post construction on existing homes.
  • Termite baiting systems for post construction.

Which type you go for depends on several factors. These include termite species, your location, type of construction and property type.

Pre-Construction, New Homes, Extensions and Renovations

Physical Barriers

Termite prevention should start before your home or extension is constructed to shield it from future termite attacks. In fact, the Building Code of Australia now requires the installation of physical termite protection in all new dwellings and renovations.

Physical termite protection such as TERM-seal and Termimesh are durable stainless steel mesh termite protection barriers. They are laid over concrete slabs before a property is built. Then they are integrated into the construction of a building. The mesh openings are too small for termites to squeeze through, and the metal is too hard for them to chew. Some meshes are impregnated with termiticides such as Bifenthrin and Fipronil that repels and kills termites.

Termite Barrier Installation Gold Coast

Post-Construction, Existing Homes

When it comes to protecting an existing homes, homeowners have two main choices of termite management systems. These are Liquid Chemical barriers and monitored termite baiting systems.

Chemical Barriers

A chemical termite barrier involves applying liquid chemicals into soil. This is usually around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations or under concrete flooring or pavers. At Pro Pest Control Gold Coast, we install chemical barriers using Termidor, one of the most effective termiticides on the market. Termidor is a onrepellent and undetectable by termites. It wipes out colonies through the transfer effect. When a termite comes into contact with the slow-acting toxin, it unwittingly carries it back to its nest. Then it spreads throughout the termite colony members.

Termidor has a life expectancy of around eight years. It also comes with a $2 Million Assurance Warranty. This warranty is only valid if installed by accredited termidor Applicators. Such as the team at Pro Pest Control Gold Coast.

We install many different types of chemical and physical barriers in accordance with guidelines set out by the QBCC. All termite protection barriers include the following.

  • Australian Standards 2014 & AS3660.2.-2017
  • Termiticide chemical labels
  • Termite physical barrier manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturing companies
  • Building Code of Australia / National Construction Code

Trenchng around perimetre of Gold Coast Home

Termite Baits

This encompasses a series of bait stations around the perimeter of a home that are no more than 3 metres apart. This termite protection treatment method contains thin strips of eucalypt timber interceptors which termites love to munch on. The idea is that local termites will find the bait stations and start feeding on the wood. Which eventually kills the colony members.

We deploy some of the most effective termite baiting systems. These are the Exterra Elite Termite Management System, the Sentricon System and the Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System.

Cost of Termite Protection

The cost of termite chemical barriers depends on numerous factors. These are the size of the home and the external landscaping around a property, such as the type of soil and whether there are pavers and concrete paths.

An average 3-4 bedroom home will cost between $2000 and $3500.

5 Termite Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

  1. Each year, termites cause $4 billion worth of damage to Australian homes. The average house suffering $10,000 damage. Insurance companies won´t pick up the tab because policies don’t cover termite damage. The reason for this is that insurers consider it to be preventable.
  2. In Australia, there are mainly two types of termites that can damage property. Of the two, the first is the Subterranean termites that require contact with moist soil to survive. Plus the second are the drywood termites that live in wood present above ground.
  3. A termite queen produces new eggs every 15 seconds and up to 40,000 eggs per day.
  4. One of the reasons why termites cause so much trouble is they never sleep. From birth until death, they eat nonstop.
  5. A queen can live for around 25 to 40 years and has a peak egg production period of around 10 years.

Timber Secure Termite Insurance Policy

It is difficult to fully protect a home from termite damage. But with an insurance policy by Timbersecure you have the added peace of  mind knowing you ar prtected if somehtnig goes wrong. Don’t be a victum of termite-attack. Protect your property with a $100,000 Timber Secure Termite Insurance Policy. The policy lasts for 5 years and is valid for any approved termite management system. You and your family can relax knowing that the policy is a ‘no fault’ policy.


Drilling and Plugging Holes in Concrete Pavers

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We are so happy. Nothing was too much trouble and they even treated active termites for free! Our termite barrier is professionally installed and hardly noticable. Thank you to everyone at Pro Pest Control Gold Coast. Definitely recommend to our friends.

Michelle Hutchins – Coomera Waters.

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