Silverfish Control

Silverfish are small, wingless insects with tapering tails and antennae. They are silver in color and move in a wiggle like a fish. Mostly nocturnal, they prefer dark, humid spaces.

Do silverfish bite?

While silverfish do not bite, they are destructive because of their diet. Silverfish thrive in moist, undisturbed areas with a source of food containing starches and dextrin. Items, such as book-bindings, wallpaper, photos and carpeting, all have adhesives which are sources of food, especially in humid areas. These little insects can be quite damaging to tapestries and linens.

Do silverfish spread disease?

They do not spread disease but can contaminate food. Also, they can go a year without eating if no food source is available or they will eat alternate items such as synthetic fabric.

How can silverfish be controlled?

Even though they don’t spread disease, they can be, surprisingly, quite damaging. They do have natural predators like spiders and house centipedes, however, the most common control method is the use of insecticides, since most people are not keen on the idea of spreading centipedes and spiders around their houses.

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Silverfish Species

Types of Silverfish.

Bristletail Silverfish

Bristletail Silverfish is the archaeography and most common silverfish. Because of the three tail-like appendages they are also known as bristletails, fishmoths, tasseltails, or fringetails.

Four-lined Silverfish

The Four-lined Silverfish is a Ctenolepisma lineatum species from order Zygentoma. Similar to the closely related ``silverfish`` but stouter, less shiny with longer appendages.

Gray Silverfish

Also known as the common name Silverfish (Lepisma saccharinum) in the order Zygentoma. A small, primitive, wingless insects who love dark damp areas.


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