How Much Does Termite Inspections Cost?

Termite Inspections Cost

Termite Inspections Cost

Termites are insects that resemble ants and tend to live in humid climates. There are many species of termites, and some are hazardous to homes. Termites may eat through the wood and other materials used to build a home, which causes structural damage.

Termites are also difficult to exterminate without the help of an extermination company. However, if you shop around, you can get a decent termite inspections cost for termite extermination. This article will provide information on extermination methods and pricing.


Safeguarding from Termites

In the recent past, Organochlorine chemicals helped to protect against termites in Australian homes. However, questions arose about the possible damage to people’s health caused by the chemicals. In 1995, the chemicals were determined to be toxic to humans and the environment.

This resulted in the Australian government’s decision to ban organochlorines in June 1995. Different pesticides and methods for treating termites have been produced. Today, Australians have a number of methods to choose from in terms of protecting their homes against termites.


Ways to Prevent Termite Damage

Prevention of termite damage largely depends on three things:

  • Sensible building
  • Physical barriers
  • Chemical barriers

Sensible building

Sensible building involves using a smaller amount of susceptible timber to construct new buildings. Another suggestion is that the concrete slab is built with exposed edges, which conveniently enables the home to be inspected for termites. Another building tip is to place timber flooring with access points for the inspections is conducts under the floor.

Termite Damage

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers commonly used to protect against termites are:

  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Metal shields
  • Granite chip barriers

These barriers help prevent termites from getting into homes, buildings and other structures. Mesh Barriers also used to protect homes from penetration through the walls and floors.


Chemical Barriers

The Australian Pest Control Association recommends two types of chemicals for termite control. For instance, Termidor and Premise are both used to treat the soil around a home.

They are designed to poison the termites and eradicate the colonies in which termites live. The chemicals are currently considered safer chemicals because they have only a gentle odor and produce a low-level of hazard to humans and pets.


Termite Control Pricing

  • Inspection Costs

The first step to solving your termite problem is to have your home inspected. A professional will search for the pests. In Australia, the average termite inspection cost for an inspection is $250 to $350.

However, prices may vary slightly depending on which state you live in. Prices will also vary slightly depending on how easy it is to access areas of your home for inspection.


  • Extermination Costs

If termites are found, the exterminator can give you an estimate of your cost to exterminate them? The project is often a costly one. You may pay up to $8,000. However, the average Australian home will spend between $2,000 to $4,000 for a treatment plan.


How to Hire an Expert

Hiring an expert pest exterminator is fairly easy. Consider these tips:

  • Seek a licensed exterminator.
  • Ask the company or exterminator about their experience in the sort of techniques they will use for your extermination job.
  • If possible, rely on word-of-mouth from your family and friends. Ask them to recommend an exterminator they’ve previously hired.

Hire an Expert

Familiarize yourself with the government guidelines for obtaining a pesticide license. In Safe and Effective Pesticides Application Organization’s website, you can find the above guidelines too.

Before you hire an exterminator, ask about licensing and experience. Some Australian states don’t require their pest control workers to have a license.

However, hiring a licensed worker could give you some peace of mind. Termite extermination could cost you several thousand dollars.

It’s best to have your home inspected for termites periodically. If you catch the problem early, you can help prevent structural damage to your home. When you will see termites, hire a licensed expert in your state. Or, you could rely on your network to recommend an exterminator.